Amla Churna Side effects

Amla churna is a product which is free from all side effects when used in correct dosage and mode. High dosage of this product is seen to cause burning sensation while micturition. In certain cases overdose is seen to produce upset stomach as well.As this product is the powerhouse of Vitamin C, over-dosage of this product can cause hazarduous effects on the body such as diarrhea and kidney stones.Although this product can be used with ease by heart patients, it is always better to have an opinion of cardiologist before consumption as amla has ability to easily stimulate heart which is not good in certain cardiovascular conditions. Although this product is an excellent remedy for diabetes, it is seen that excessive dosage is seen to increase the sugar level in blood which is not good for the health of a diabetic patient. Since only less research works are available regarding the side effects of amla, it is always better to take the safe side by avoiding this product during pregnancy and lactation period.


  1. As per my knowledge or as professional, as a Doctor, no edible fruit is having side effects if it is used in proper manner. Then what do you mean by proper manner? Proper manner means, as a part of daily routine, we do come across many fruits which we will eat as a part of diet and now of course it became as a part of consciousness. When you are consuming any fruits with more cautiously and consciously, it is called as proper manner of eating fruits.

    When Amla is considered as fruit same quote is applicable and any fruit if you are consuming in uneven manner or in more quantity, there may other side effects definitely. So, if consumed in limited quantity, then there would not be any harmful effects. Similarly, if you are consuming Amla as Amla churna, definitely following proper dose is very important to avoid side effects. Otherwise Amla as such do not have any potential side effects, rather it is having potential benefits more predominantly.

    There is another concern. Usually if you take any allopath medicines, there are limitations, similarly in Ayurveda also we do have some limitations, there are few medicines which has to be consumed for only limited period. Luckily, Amla is excluded in this category. Amla churna can be consumed as long as you want if you are consuming in proper standard dosage.

  2. Ayurvedic herbal treatments are usually safe and well-tolerated when prescribed by a qualified and knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner; however, even herbal medicines can cause side effects. Some Ayurvedic preparations may also have problems with toxicity and interactions with other drugs you might be taking. Consult a medical doctor and an Ayurvedic practitioner before taking an Ayurvedic medicine or supplement.Many of the undesirable side effects that can arise from Ayurvedic supplements are the result of improper use. Many Ayurvedic herbs are available over the counter, which can result in side effects in people who self-medicate without fully understanding the risks and recommendations. The most commonly reported side effects of Ayurvedic medicines and supplements are gastrointestinal upset and headaches.

  3. Generally Amla churnam is relatively safe to use for longer intervals. It is fine with healthy individuals taking it. But people with specific problems like Irritable bowel syndrome or Diabetes can always watch out for any discomfort after taking it. In the case of Diabetes, you need to regularly check your sugar levels following a healthy lifestyle. Inspite if it increases, please consult with your doctor. There are always exceptions. If you experience mild burning or lose stools if you have IBS please
    consult with your doctor. The recommended dosage of VitaminC extract is 1000mg and try to maintain without exceeding the limits. If it is taken with the proper adjuvant after understanding your body constitution and your health condition, it is less likely to cause any side effects.