Amla Churna Dosage

General dosage of Amla Churna is 1 tsp twice daily after food. It shall preferably be taken with lukewarm water or milk. The time period for which this medicine shall be taken is decided by the consultant ayurvedic physician when opting for treatment. If this product is taken for improving general health, it can be taken for a period of 2 months.In infants below 1 year the dosage is 30 to 35 mg, in children upto 14 years dosage is 40 to 50 mg, in those upto 18 years dosage is 65 to 75 mg. In adult men the dosage is 90 mg while in females it is 75 mg. Avoid fast food, pastries and oily items as much as possible while on this medication. Consume good quantity of water as well. Include more of fruits and green leafy vegetables in diet. Practice exercise regularly such as yoga and a walk ranging between 15 minutes to an hour everyday. Practice stress relaxing techniques such as pranayama or meditation from an experienced yoga master or naturopathist. This change in lifestyle coupled with medication will give the best outcome.


  1. As mentioned above, the dosage of Amla is very, very important to be noticed. In my personal clinical experience, if consumed in excess, it may cause aversion and hence it is better to consume in proper dosage or as advised by physician. There is a mathematics in dosage while consuming Amla in various forms. Usually if you are taking as a form of lehyam, the quantity of Amalaki Rasayna should be maximum of 10 grams, starting from 5 grams. however, if taken excess there are chances of getting loose stools. Similarly, Amla being a potent powdered medicine it should be taken in proper quantity. If it is pure herbal fruit extract, the dosage of Amla can be even 200 mg to 500 mg in adults and proportionately, in children it can be about 50 mg to 100 mg. If the churna is in raw form, or coarse powder, then it can be used as 5 grams and even up to 7 grams. If I have to give in combination, I will make a dose modification to give proper results. The dosage mentioned above is only for internal usage.

    Amla which can be used for external purpose also in the combination, and that gives wonderful results when you use Amla with combination of Henna for hair pack to prevent premature hair fall and premature grey hair.

  2. Dosage is a very important factor when it comes to consuming ayurvedic medicines. Here the ingredients present are powerful and one has to observe as not to take overdose of the medicine. The dosage however is finally decided by the doctor. This is based on several crierias. The chief ones include strength of medicine, strength of other medicines prescribed, age of the patient, toleration capacity of the patient, place of the patient, dosha of the patient's body, height and weight of the patient and the disease for which the condition is treated for. This is the reason why dosage precribed by an ayurvedic physician is sometimes different from that suggested in the label of the product. When a patient consumes a medicine on self without doctor's consultation, expected outcome is not seen due to these factors.

  3. Generally, the dosage of amla churnam is prescribed as 1tsp or 5g twice daily with a proper adjuvant after considering the nature of the person. In case of capsules where some of them find it easy when they travel is one or two capsules of 500mg twice daily. In smoker's it is advised that they can have 30mg of extra VitaminC to reduce the damage due to smoking. So in that case or people who need Amalaki churnam or capsule for a specific condition like scurvy, can take it thrice a day. In children, the dosage must be reduced according to the age. But for them medicines like Chyawana Prash, Amalaki aristam can be given based on the necessity. It contains natural sugars without any preservatives. Normally 100g of Amalaki churnam contains 463mg of Vitamin C while the normal recommended dose for healthy person is 100mg and the maximum suggested dose is 1000-2000mg per day. So it is better to take the right dosage without exceeding the maximum dosage.