Amla Churna Reviews

Within people who have been using Amla Churna is seen that the first impression given by them is a boost in overall energy level of the body. It is also noticed that the users feel their body to be of light weight as compared before use. It is seen to keep them mentally calm and relaxed as well. Diabetic users has got excellent result out of it when used in the correct mode as suggested by the ayurvedic physician. In chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis it is seen to considerably decrease the amount of inflammation and pain in major joints. This happens mostly due to the anti inflammatory action of this product. It is also noticed that those who use this powder externally on skin has found their skin to be soft, shiny and youthful. Remedies such as mixing this product with honey is seen to give relief from upper respiratory tract infections such as cold. It was seen that there is decreased incidence of gall stone formation with its use as well. It has been seen to considerably reduce cholesterol levels such as VLDL and triglyceride by upto 40%.


  1. Iron and various other minerals are not always easily absorbed by the body. You require a certain combination of meals to reap maximum benefits from the food you eat. Unless you are a nutritionist or regularly consult one, chances are that you eat normal, regular food and try to stick to a healthy diet as far as possible. Although numerous people do manage to get adequate amounts of all essential minerals due to various combinations of food, just as many, don't. Amla is a fruit that enhances food absorption and thus helps you get the most out of the food you eat. It helps the body digest food better and assimilate minerals like iron. Another excellent digestive is ginger, but ginger tends to heat the body. Amla does not heat the body, and is gentler on the entire system. Regular intake of amla almost always results in a stronger, healthier digestive system and in improved overall immunity.

  2. Amla is easily available in a fresh state in shops in India. It is the best way to consume it as such as it is fresh, natural and devoid of any additives for a healthy person. But when you tend to use it for a specific illness or condition, it has to be taken regularly for the prescribed time and also with a proper adjuvant. So in that case and in foreign countries Amla churnam would be the best choice. It is usually advised to be taken with teaspoon of sesame oil for conditions with excess Vata like nervous problem, with ghee for conditions with excess pitta like gastritis, with honey for conditions with excess Kapha like bronchitis. Drinking warm water after mixing with sesame oil will ease the difficulty or try to make a small ball and swallow it. But any medicine with a difficult taste will taste odd in the beginning, after a few days your taste buds will start to like it as you become aware of the health benefits.