Amla Churna Ingredients

Amla or Indian gooseberry is the sole ingredient of this product. It bears the botanical name Phyllanthus emblica belonging to phylanthacea family. This product is an excellent source of Vitamin C, minerals and amino acids. Research work has shown that the fruit of emblica offinalis consist of both protein and ascorbic acid in increased quantity. Amino acids such as glutamic acid, lysine, proline and aspartic acid are also present. It is seen to consist of trace portions of copper, zinc and chromium. The anti oxidant property of emblica officinalis is obtained due to the presence of ellagitannins such as Emblicanin A, Emblicanin B and Pedunculagin. Other chemical components present include  phyllanemblinin A, phyllanemblin other polyphenol such as flavonoids, kaempferol, ellagic acid and gallic acid. Currently this product is seen very popularly used by western people as well.The chemical constituents present in this product are seen to cause no allergic reactions and thus can be used by all with ease.


  1. Being Amla itself as key ingredient, Amla churna of course contains Amla which is also called as Phyllanthus embilica. I would like to comment on the chemical constituents in Amla. As you all might aware that Amla is mainly consumed for Vitamin C as supplement. Beyond that, there are many key ingredients in Amla. There are multiple active phytochemicals in Amla such as ellagic acid, gallic acid, pyrogallol, corilagin, geraniin, prodelphinidins B1 and B2, elaeocarpusin, etc. All these key chemical constituents do have role in various pharmacological actions and works better even in cancerous conditions as symptomatic relief and it acts better in high cholesterol levels and even diabetic patients and diabetic related complications.

    However, As a fruit, it is having many medicinal values as well as nutritive values and that is how it is even used in culinary works and even in dietetics and nutrition. Armed with Amla, An Ayurvedic physician can do wonders for multiple ailments. Awareness about Amla has become improved nowadays as people are realized and felt the advantages of Amla.

  2. Amla is considered to have a beneficial effect on respiratory disorders as well. It has been found to alleviate asthma symptoms.Due to its beneficial effects on the secretion of insulin, amla is believed to control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Its rich chromium content is another reason why it is good for diabetics.It works as a wonderful natural laxative for those with constipation. Amla strengthens the digestive system and improves its ability to digest food and absorb nutrients. The fruit is good for decreasing acidity. It is also an excellent liver tonic.Amla is also considered to have a beneficial effect on your cardiovascular system. It strengthens the heart muscles, lowers cholesterol, and controls hypertension.Regular consumption of amla juice or powder also purifies blood.

  3. Amla churnam is made by powdering the dried amla. It is the sole ingredient which is used as a single drug. The uniqueness in Amla powder is that it does not lose the Vitamin C after it is dried or powdered, as it contains Tannin. The Vitamin C also helps in the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids which helps to prevent the formation of gall stones. The pectin, fiber helps to reduce the cholesterol level and also prevents form atherosclerosis.It has considerably high VitaminC when compared with the other fruits. The proteins helps in the growth of children with proper nourishment. The other bioflavanoids, antioxidants, phyllembin, carotenes helps to reduce the effects of free radicals. Minerals like chromium helps to stimulate the insulin production and to increase the energy levels thereby improving the general health. It has no preservatives or flavoring agents and is totally healthy which can be used for longer duration. In case you come across any symptoms of discomfort like loose stools or abdominal pain, please consult your nearest doctor.