Amla Churna and Yoga

In ayurveda it is said that when one undertakes medication the individual will have to follow certain rituals as well. This is to ensure the best result with its use. Yoga practice is seen to play a pivotal role in the proper working of ayurvedic medicines. Pranayama and meditation are the ones which has to be given prime importance. These will help in keeping mind calm and focused and is indirectly seen to remove several blocks which prevents body from functioning fully at its best. It is always advisable to learn these techniques from trained yoga masters or experienced naturopathists. Yoga postures such as Uttanasana, Sethu bandha sarvangasana, Bhujangasana and Savasana are the ones which can be practiced. This product when coupled with yoga is seen to heal several clinical disorders. Rheumatoid arthritis is one such condition where the anti inflammatory action of this product coupled with mobility of yoga helps in curing the condition at its best. Similar is the case with conditions such as diabetes and cholesterol as well.


  1. Someone can wonder how Amla churna is related with yoga. As an Ayurvedic expert I can definitely opine there is close bonding with Amla churna and Yoga. Let me explain how it works. Yoga, definition tells that a combination or a healthy combination. The healthy combination of any act can be considered as Yoga. The redefined version of this concept do help to understand how yoga and amla churna are helpful. Amla churna which is having rich vitamin C and antioxidant property, that definitely boost to perform any coordinated act. In yoga we do many coordinated acts ranging from mind, body, mind-body exercises, along with breathing exercises which are completely coordinated. When we are doing this coordinated acts, definitely you need booster for your mind and body to multiply your positive energy and immunity and here comes the role of Amla which definitely helps in all aspects and assists in performing this type of coordinated acts of Yoga.

    That is how I can make you understand about the Amla and Yoga concept. So, it is very simple, I advise, before you go for yoga and pranayama, you can consume Amla Churna with lukewarm water and that definitely helps you to concentrate and of course it is having its own medicinal values to treat various ailments.

  2. Yoga and diet are 2 important factors which one has to follow while on an ayurvedic medication. While modern medicine can be helpful as a background for applying the physical aspects of Yoga, it lacks the yogic understanding of life and the human being for a full application of all the branches of Yoga for body, mind and spirit.Ayurveda develops its view of the body and mind, nature and healing from the background of Yoga philosophy as outlined through the twenty-five tattvas of the Samkhya system. Ayurveda provides us a complete mind-body system of medicine in terms of all aspects of diagnosis and treatment that reflects a Vedic and Yogic approach, values and wisdom.All the diet and yoga asanas mentioned above are general and varies between individuals.